Hi there! Probably thinking what is this post about right? Well, in this post I am going to share a story from that time when I travelled to DehraDun with my friends and how we all learnt a lesson regarding the value of time is pretty interesting. Here it goes.

I along with 4 of my friends had participated in the International Model United Nations which was going to be held in UPES, DehraDun. We were travelling from Delhi as we did not get tickets directly from Lucknow. So, we reached Delhi on the morning of 4th February, 2016. The MUN was supposed to be on 5-6th February so we had to reach one day before that to be prepared. So, we reached Delhi around 7:30 am in the morning and had got a stay to freshen up. My mother called me to know whether we reached or not. I told her we all have reached. I distinctly remember my mother saying that “Do not go around roaming in Delhi. Remember you have a train to catch in the afternoon so do not be late for that.” I very strongly remember saying, “Do not worry mother. Nothing will happen. We will not go far.” (I forgot that mother is always right).

So, we freshened up, went out, had breakfast and then were thinking where to go next because we did not want to waste any our time. (Forgot all about what mother had said). After a long discussion, we thought of going to this place called “Agrasen ki Baoli” which is located in the narrow Hailey lane of the Hailey road in Connaught Place. It is basically a steep well which becomes creepy at night. Being a famous place of visit, we decided to visit the place. We spent a nice time there and clicked lot of pictures. (Because selfie was really new in the market). We clicked 


With filters (because it is a protected monument designed by king)



And this session went on and on and it was very late until we realised that we have to go back to our place of stay, pick up our bags and then run towards the station. We left the place as soon as our senses came back and we came back to pick up our bags. We picked up bags, and were caught up with a traffic of students leaving college. (It was 2:30pm). Went to metro station. It was already 2:50 pm when we were in the metro and I had lost all hopes of catching up the train which was around 3:15 pm (somewhere near). We ran towards the main gate at the railway station and guess what, security check-in so wait in line! (Our train is gone no point going to the station, I thought). We went past the security check in, ran towards the escalator, reached the platform and the train was long gone. I sat on the stairs with a cramp in my back, thinking about what will I tell my parents. (They do not know yet). After calming ourselves, we decided to go to the bus stand and getting a bus to Dehra. We reached there (ON TIME), booked the tickets and finally reached DehraDun in the middle of the night. Filled our tummy at a dhaba stop. The twisty road made me sick (I did not throw up). All my way, I was thinking that from now I would listen to what parents say (regarding these things to be precise) and I promised not to miss a bus or a train from anywhere. I was in a group so I was safe. Had I been alone or anyone else it would not have been safe to travel by a bus late at night. So that was a lesson learnt but still memories made. 

Here are we not realising that we are about to miss our train.


Keep exploring, keep living. 🙂




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