Hello to all my readers. I was thinking about what my next post would be regarding and I thought of doing this one for a change and also the fact that I like poetry. I am not an avid reader or writer but yes sometimes when thoughts are clouded, I feel like writing it down in my own way and try to make it beautiful as much as I can. My last two posts were regarding my travelling. So, if you have not read it yet, please read it now in the Travel section present on my home page. 🙂

So, the poetry that you are about to read is a conversation between a boy and a girl. The female part is constructed by me and the male part is constructed by my friend Prerak (who also has a lovely blog) and you all can follow him through this link:


Here it goes…

SHE: Lush green fields
Hush hush! No one should listen
It’s a secret, it’s beautiful
Different it is, with all those kisses
She wasted time, but its still left
The wind touching her face says to her that,
Hey girl, nothing is over yet, it’s still there
All you need is love and care
The wind stroking her hair said to her
Don’t you worry girl, I’ll be there.

HE: You’ve just changed the wind to Breeze,
And made the beats of its heart increase,
But these green fields won’t keep it in,
Cause it’s beautiful and not a sin!
And the flow will never deprive,
This wind will stay throughout your life,
And for any obstacle, the wind is beware,
And don’t you worry girl, it will always be there.


SHE:  Oh how badly she wants, for the breeze to keep flowing through her hair
The freshness that she feels, must not die ever
She says to him, just be the same.
Never ever, ever change!
She knows that it’s not a sin
Beneath her body, her heart is about to win
‘Will not let anyone stop it at all’
She smiles brightly at the breeze and says
‘I know you would never let me fall’.

HE: The wind just wants to kiss you right now,
And make all your senses go, Wow!!!
Just like those untold secrets on your way…
Come close and listen to what they say-
One day… Someday!

SHE: She says Hey, Breeze!
Since you are away, don’t tease her please
Days would pass soon and
She would receive the love under the moon
There are more times to come for them
She says to herself sitting in the fields
‘One day, someday’!


This one is for the soft side that all of you have. This one is for the people who love poetry, appreciate it and enjoy it. For those who do not have a thing for poetry, do not worry. Read it with your heart and I know you would like it.


More to come!

Keep reading, keep exploring and keep living! ❤


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