LIFE..! When this word comes or when it is asked to someone to describe “LIFE” then, every individual has a very unique definition for it. Some would say, “It’s beautiful”, some would say “i hate it”. It totally depends on the current situation the person is in. Maybe after a day or two, the person who described life as “pathetic” or anything negative, would come to you and say “life is beautiful”. Well, that’s how life is. One day sunny, the other day cloudy.. We humans are very weird creatures. We do not get completely satisfied at all . We always demand new things that is not even ‘required’. I remember my EVS class in my elementary school where we learnt about our ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’. We learnt that ‘Clothes’ is a ‘NEED’ whereas ‘Branded clothes’ is a ‘WANT’.


There are numerous people around the world and so there are numerous views about life. Some see Life as positive, some as negative. I am 19 and I have met a lot of people in my life till now. If not ‘met’ then at least have ‘seen’ a lot of people and their perspective about life. From richer to middle class to poor people. What is the reason of reviewing life as positive and negative? Money? Freedom? Love? Family? Yes. Somewhere or the other these are the reasons for judging life and putting it into a category. These reasons, can totally change an individual’s view. Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow. For instance, there is a person, who is extremely wealthy. He has all the money that he wants, he has lots of dresses, a big house, cars and everything else what a normal person dreams of. But he is not happy. He does not wakes up to a beautiful morning everyday. He does not find joy in anything he does. What might be the reason behind his unhappiness despite the fact that he has everything a normal person thinks of having it? Well, there are obviously many different answers to this question.

As it said that ‘Life is not a bed of roses’. Yes, it has thorns too. So, what should we do when we have thorns in our way? Should we stop going that way or should we take it as a challenge and go for it? Should we just forget that way and start finding a new path? No. Instead, we should try to walk on the same road even though it’s difficult. We should not blame life. There must have been instances where you would have complained about life being so unfair. Life should not be taken as negative rathe it should be looked at with a smile.. 🙂

Keep reading, keep living and keep exploring!



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