Hello beautiful people! 

I was eagerly waiting to write about my latest trip (and I am so late I know). I was done with my internship (1 month long internship) and so I went to this alluring little town, which is located at a driving distance of 270 km from Bangalore, amidst the Nilgiris, surrounded by the best natural environment. I went to the Queen of Hills-Ooty. I had planned out this trip the day my internship was confirmed in Bangalore. It was a short trip for 2 nights and 3 days. So, let’s explore Ooty! 


I thought of taking a local bus to Ooty from Bangalore but then being a solo female traveller, I booked my seats in volvo bus. Its not that I cannot travel by a local bus but since it was a new place for me and I had no other companion so I just avoided risk. I did my reservation through KSRTC (couldn’t have been possible without my roommate). Since I had my reservation in Zostel way before so, I had to take a bus which could drop me off at Ooty before the check in time of Zostel which is 12:00. So, from Bangalore to Ooty, I travelled in Non-Ac bus and it was a night journey. From Ooty I had booked an AC chair car as it was cheap and available. 



Front camera and some light from street light! Had to click a pic haha! 


My stay in Zostel Ooty was the best! It was definitely a home away from home. It is located in amidst the Nilgiri hills, in a small village named Lovedale which is approximately 5km away from the main Ooty town. The area is easily accessible by local buses which stops at the Lovedale bus stop which again is a 2 minute walk from Zostel. The buses keep coming at an interval of 5 minutes so one can go and catch a bus at their comfortable time. The ticket from Lovedale to Ooty costs 5/- . So, basically if you want to visit any scenic place then you have to reach Ooty bus stop or ATC Bus stop which is around 1 km from Ooty bus stop. Buses to most of the places around Ooty are available from these two bus stops.

So, this is Zostel Ooty.


The first thing that came to my mind when I entered this place was “This is it! I am not going any other place now. I will sit here all day long (when the sun is not too much) and all evening and will then just go to sleep.” This happened somewhat trust me. I could not explore each and every spots nearby Ooty but I did visit some places. Being at this place itself was such a nice experience that I was not really in the mood to visit other places. 

Let me tell you all about Zostel.

Zostel is India’s leading backpacker’s hostel with the best location possible in many cities across India. It is a hostel (obviously) with dormitories and bunk beds. You can never complain about Zostel unless you are a person who prefers staying in luxurious hotels and in private rooms. Trust me, Hotels are nothing compared to Zostels. Backpackers love staying here because one gets to know different stories from many different people from different parts of the world. You will get all the love, all the comfort and such hospitable and friendly environment that one will not want to leave. 

Zostel Ooty is actually love at first sight. Sipping tea while sitting outside on the grass that is showing off little raindrops on its surface, gazing at the lights coming from a beautiful village (Lovedale village) between the hills, trying to spot the stars when the clouds move, coming back to room rubbing hands to make it warm, jumping on the bed and covering yourself with the blankets and having a peaceful sleep that you have been desiring all these days. That’s how amazing is Zostel Ooty!


This is the back side of Zostel Ooty. The door opens towards the common room which is another cozy little place with plenty of activities to be done. 

I almost forgot to mentioned my favourite buddy whom I met there. The cutest, most friendly person ever. Meet Sandy..


She makes this face when wind blows on her face. 

This was all about how I went to Ooty and about my place of stay. I will talk about the places I went in my upcoming posts. 

So, keep reading, keep exploring and keep living!





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