Hi everyone!

I am late (as usual) due to various reasons. One of them is being a lazy person. I get very lazy sometimes and because of that my work is delayed. I still do nothing about it till it becomes super late! So, in my last post I talked about my stay in one of the best hostels in India which is known as “Zostel”. If you have not read about it yet, click here.

After I was spending my time just sitting outside Zostel, feeling each breath as fresh as it can be, I thought of visiting one more place. As I went during the rainy season and my trip was a short one so I was unable to visit each and every place on the outskirts of Ooty and inside the town as well. There are many places to visit on the outskirts of Ooty which are located at a distance of 1 hour,  2 hours etc. I searched and thought where could I go and then finally made a plan to make a visit to the beautiful Pykara lake and Pykara falls. I chose this place as I could visit Pykara and return back at a proper time as well like before it gets too dark to stay out of Zostel. Since I was staying amongst the Nilgiri hills and I had visited lakes in Bengaluru as well so I thought of visiting a waterfall so that at least one different thing would be there for me. I had not seen any waterfall apart from the one in Kerala, which is named as ‘Cheeyappara Waterfalls’.

This was Cheeyapara waterfalls on the way to Munnar from Kochi. The lady watching her step is my mother who had a great time.

I really wanted to see a waterfall and was hoping that it would be as beautiful as I had drew a picture in my mind and after checking out the pictures on google. I then went to Ooty bus stand from Lovedale which was at a distance of 5km. A little incident happened on the way. A tree fell down from the side of the hills on the road and trust me it was a pretty big tree. One person informed the driver about it and he stopped the bus midway saying that it cannot go now as the road is blocked. I was disheartened for sometime that I would not be able to see the waterfalls but more than that I was worried about it. Eventually people brought a big rope and many men came and pulled the tree out of the road. It hardly took 5 minutes and the road was open for everyone once again and my bus went as if nothing happened back there. I was surprised after seeing this scene. I then thought that these routes are the major routes to commute from one place to another and if this road stops then the people cannot reach Ooty. So, this was nothing new for them as the trees might keep falling down majorly during rainy season as the trees rooted on the hillsides are pretty dangerously grown. It was new for me and I was so relieved that the problem is solved.

I finally reached Ooty bus stand and asked people that which bus do I have to take for Pykara waterfalls. Pykara is again a village situated around a distance of 2 hours from Ooty so I got a bus for the village. They dropped me to a stop from where I had to walk around 2km to reach Pykara lake and Pykara waterfalls. It was pretty chilly out there. After slowly walking I finally reached to this view

Beautiful view, I know! It could have been more amazing only if the river would have been over flooding due to heavy rainfall leading to a massive waterfall. I really, really enjoyed the time spent there. The chilly breeze, the scary sound of the water falling down. Nature and its views are pretty amazing.

So, this was my little trip to the Pykara falls. Do visit this place if you ever happen to visit Ooty or to say the original or the first name, ‘Ootacamund’. I will surely try to put up more stories and soon as possible.

Keep reading, keep exploring and keep living!




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